Private Parties

Dining Room

Please call 314-776-0020 for more information on large groups. If you would like more information on off site catering please call 314-781-9427


Full Menu Offered

Your guests choose whatever they would like from our menu, and you are charged the price on the menu.

Limited Menu Offered

The host chooses six to ten items to be served that fit within their specific spending budget for their guests to choose from.

*Appetizer Sampler

This sampler includes two Toasted Ravioli, one Pomodoro Fritti, and one Shrimp Crostini. We charge $7 per person


* House Bar

$17… house wine, domestic beers, house liquor
$23…upgraded wine, craft beers, call liquor
$28 full wine list, top shelf liquor

Cash Bar

The guests of the party will be responsible for paying for their own beverages.

Per Drink

Host is responsible for each individual drink

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